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1-Year Fixed Mortgage Rates

1-Year Fixed Mortgage Rates

Many mortgage shoppers believe that mortgage rate predictions give them an edge. Buying a home is the most significant and long-term financial decision. That’s why you need to choose a mortgage that meets your unique needs and minimizes the rate of interest. We, at GN, help you shop lowest interest rates. We will recommend you the top banks and lenders across Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton to get you the most competitive mortgage options.

How can comparing mortgage rates save me money?

Banks and brokers rarely bring up their best rates, they usually make customers negotiate rate discounts. But, GN will help you compare the best mortgage rates, so that you can get the best deal. Our agents will make you aware about different mortgage terms and conditions of both variable and fixed term mortgages. It is important for mortgage shoppers to have deep knowledge about different mortgage terms so that they can save their money and time.

1 Year Fixed Mortgage Rate vs. Variable Mortgage Rates

1 Year Fixed Mortgage Rate means your mortgage rate is in effect for complete 1 year. You are free to select a new mortgage type, broker and associated mortgage rate, after 1 year is completed. On the contrary, in variable mortgage rates, you just set the rate once and your payments stay constant till the duration of the term is over.

In today’s rising rate environment, mortgage shoppers consider one-year rates a bonus as compared to variable rates. One-year fixed rates also allow you to lock in your renewal rate three to six months in advance. Some one-year terms are also convertible allowing you to shift to five-year fixed rate at any time without any penalty.

Why Choose 1-Year Fixed Mortgage Rate

Though 1-Year Fixed Mortgage Term is represented by only 6 percent of the Canadians, yet it is considered as a positive sign as buyers are considering 1 Year fixed mortgage term over variable mortgage. You cannot get stick to a mortgage term and wait for years for its renewal. As the expectations of future interest rates are dynamic, people are looking for the alternatives that are flexible and allow them to switch to other mortgage rate or lender without much delay.

GN is all about mortgage. You can rely on us for your unique financial needs in Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton.

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