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At, we have a passion for mortgages! We are a team of mortgage specialists committed to building strong relationships with our clients, lender partners and staff members. The team is made up of highly respected professionals known for their honesty, ethics and passion for results. We have been striving to help residents of Markham find the premium products with some of the lowest mortgage rates available in Canada.

Looking to buy your first home?

Buying a home is an overwhelming time! You’re about to make a very crucial decision so you’ll definitely need sound advice from a mortgage professional. We present to you the facts that your bank won’t tell you about financing your next home purchase. With access to many lenders, we’ll assist you in finding the best rates and best mortgage options so that you can buy your dream home. The best advice? Start with a conversation with a mortgage professional in Markham.

Need a pre-approval before you start house shopping?

Let us help you find out how much you can afford before you start shopping for a house. This will keep you focused on househunting within your price range. If you get qualified for a pre-approved mortgage, you’ll be sure of the size of mortgage for which you qualify and of the rate which is guaranteed for a specific period. If you don’t get qualified for a pre-approved mortgage, we will be able to assist you in estimating a mortgage-qualifying amount.

Contact us today, we’re always here to talk about your mortgage needs.

We work tirelessly, smile relentlessly and give our best shot.


Our Tools and Resources

Our goal is simple: To present you a complete understanding of your mortgage options and save you money.

Same Mortgage Products At Better Rates

We have access to a wide range of mortgage options and our experienced mortgage specialists can find the best fit for you.

Highly-trained Mortgage Specialists.

All of our mortgage specialists are salaried and thoroughly trained for high quality, consistent service. No pressure, no commissions and no haggling.

True to you

One source, everything you need–we want you to come back. Not only low rates, we also believe in relationships and trust.


GN Mortgages makes mortgages simple.

Step 1: Choose the Right Term

Choosing the right term helps you save far much more than a small difference in interest rates. And it doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Our term tips help you choose the right term the first time.

Step 2: Find the Lowest Rate

The “best rate” depends on the features you select, your closing date and your qualifications. Our mortgage specialists are here to compare mortgages and customize your rates.

Step 3: Get the Best Deal

Finally, we make the lenders work for you. We give you the best line-up of lenders all-set to offer you great rates – whether fixed rate or variable rate mortgage.


Many folks in Markham are perfectly capable of choosing their own mortgage, while others go for a professional opinion. Fortunately, also has some top mortgage specialists in Markham. And they’re simply a phone call away.

What You Get

  • Your very own dedicated mortgage specialist
  • Counseling on complex applications
  • Term analysis and recommendations
  • Refinance advice with penalty estimates
  • Mortgage amortization reduction strategies

Who is Right for Our Service

  • Rental property buyers / Investors
  • First-time homebuyers
  • Newcomers to Canada
  • Credit-challenged borrowers
Looking for a trusted mortgage advice? Talk with a professional mortgage consultant today.
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